From May 16th - 19th, the Worldwide Missionary Movement Church in Germany celebrated its National Convention, "Shekinah 2019." This activity was attended by International Board Members of the work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. Rev. Humberto Henao and Rev. Clemente Vergara shared the Message of the Word of God to hundreds of brothers and friends in this activity. Songs of praise and worship sung by the local choir were the incentive to prepare the place and the attendees to receive the blessing from God and enjoy His presence during those four days. His presence and the fire of the Holy Spirit settled permanently in the hearts that looked for His glory with longing. Among the messages that were shared during these days of celebration, the need to be burning coals in the presence of God was highlighted. He wants a church that is ready, a church that hears His call, that wants to live on the altar wanting that genuine fire that cleanses every spot. In the last service, the Word of God was preached by the Rev. Humberto Henao. Based on the book of Exodus 3: 6 and Esther 4:14, he emphasized that God chooses people in His will and in His determined time to use them according to the work He wants to perform. He showed how God used Moses, who only being a baby was set apart to be the instrument with which he would set free His people from the great oppression of the Egyptians. Moses was the most intellectual man of his time, having grown up in the palace, but with the knowledge of being a son of Hebrews, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's Daughter to fulfill the purpose for which he understood that he was called. And the case of Esther, who was orphaned from her parents, her cousin took care of her and instructed her in the ways of God. Esther, seeing the message of extermination for all her people, concluded why God had placed her in that place and in that time. It was the time for the preservation of the life of the Jews. On the other hand, the Laborers’ Promotion Ceremony took place. 3 laborers were promoted to the position of Lay Preachers and 4 pastors were promoted to the position of Ordained Ministers. A prayer was made for them so that God continues guiding them in their projects and continues advancing in the work of the Lord. WIIR rejoices with this convention because every person who approaches God does not leave the same. He or she comes out differently, renewed and filled with the Holy Spirit. In the brightness of that glory, miracles happen.

From May 16th - 19th, the Worldwide Missionary Movement Church in Germany celebrated its National Convention, "Shekinah 2019."

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